Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Why are there no photo’s of the Air Slider?

A - The Air Slider is an upgrade to the original industrial hover pallet developed by ACV Designs. Three of these hover pallets were built and used to move the Canair series of commercial hovercraft along their production path at the factory. Back then they were merely treated as useful tools and no thought was given to take pictures of them at work.

Q - How do we know that they really work?

A - This is one of the simplest hovercraft systems that can be built. The Air Sliders designer has designed and successfully tested more than 10 hovercraft during the last 38 years, and feels confident about the Air Sliders improvements, so long as the builder follows the plan set correctly.

Q - Can there be material substitutions for the Air Slider?

A - Depends on which part you intend substituting and with what material. We would recommend that prior to making any changes, that you contact ACV Designs to seek our opinion. Over the years, we have seen people make changes to the original designs on other hovercraft, more often as not, resulting in poor performance. Some aspects of any design can be crucial, but may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

Q - How can the Air Slider be made to carry the heavy loads over grass and rougher terrain?

A - To be honest, we believe this small pallet is limited to the performance we have specified. To carry the 1500 lbs. or the industrial 2500 lbs. over rougher surface conditions, a larger pallet fitted with a 15 hp to 20 hp engine driving a centrifugal fan blower will be required.

Q - How long will the skirt last before it needs changing?

A - This is a very difficult question to answer because it depends on the skirt material selected, the abrasive nature of the surface over which the Air Slider is used and how often and over what distance it is operated. We can only estimate the following: Assume a very abrasive resistant skirt material is used and the concrete floor is painted and extremely smooth. Assume the Air Slider is in motion for no more than 1 hour per day and operated with a good level trim (i.e. not dragging one corner on the floor), then the skirt should last a couple years or so before holes start to appear.

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