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Q- How long has the designer for ACV Designs, been working on hovercraft?

A- Ron Fishlock has been working on hovercraft since he was 11 years old. That was back in 1959 when he watched on television for the very first time, the first man carrying SRN1 hovercraft operating on the River Thames outside the houses of parliament. Has he so often says, something in his head went SNAP, and he's been hooked ever since.

Q- Has he worked in the hovercraft industry at all ?

A- Yes, most of his working life has been spent in the hovercraft industry. He joined HDL in the U.K. when he was just 17 years. Hovercraft Development Ltd., HDL, was the original hovercraft licensing authority made up of 70 or so scientists, engineers, technologists and technical assistants, of which the later, Ron was one. He worked on dynamic model testing, these models being the size of some small homebuilt craft you see today and a lot of time on skirt development. After several years, he joined Hovermarine Ltd., where he became the companies skirt specialist. He moved to Canada in 1972 where he worked for a couple of small hovercraft companies before forming his own companies, Canadian Cushion Craft Ltd. and more recently Canair Hovercraft Inc.

Q- How many hovercraft has this designer been responsible for ?

A- 13 craft to date. Some of these might be recognized by name, his first being the Airsport 1 (A joint effort) and Mistral, built and operated in the U.K. Mistral II, is soon to be released as a plan set through ACV Designs. Chinook, his first design in Canada, & Chinook II (soon to be released), the Canair 300 and 500/2, Mini-Lifter and the Hoversled (soon to be released). All of these craft were designed for the homebuilder, although one company did manufacture the Chinook as a commercial recreational craft for a number of years back in the late 70's. In his professional career, he designed the commercial Canair 2, an all FRP craft, and during the last 10 years was the designer of the Canair 500 series of craft from a 2 seat enclosed 502, the 4 seat 504, 6 seat 506, 9 seat 509 and the largest, the Canair 512, a 12 seat craft.

Q- What is the designers philosophy when it comes to hovercraft ?

A- Now that's a good question ! He say he feels its important to always be creative. To recognize the weaknesses in current hovercraft designs, his own and others in general and strive to improve them. He recognizes that a good design is one most people will look at and say, that obvious !, yet may never have come up with that idea themselves. However, he believes that some old ideas still have a place today, until they are surpassed by improved technology.

For more info on Ron Fishlock go to the About theDesigner Page

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